About Caroline

“I started as a Filing Clerk at the age of 17 for an organisation that endured multiple mergers and continual restructures. I worked my way up to become a General Manager leading three major portfolios, obtaining tertiary qualifications along the way.

My personal journey was non-conventional and largely unplanned, however my 17 year old self knew that I was determined to do more. I had a big, hairy, audacious goal of one day running the company and making a difference not only to the employees that worked there, but for the monopolistic customer base that we served. 25 years later on, I achieved my goal – being appointed as a General Manager in that same company and that was when I could really start to make a difference.

Now, it would be misleading if I said that my career journey was all plain-sailing and that I succeeded in everything I started out to achieve. However, it is in the failures and disappointments that personal development and the real learnings occur. There were many obstacles for the once young, female, non-engineer in a technically-oriented, male-dominated industry, so having a career vision, achievable goals and the support of my own career-cheer squad all contributed to my ultimate success.

I use both my successes and disappointments to motivate, inspire and support others on their life journeys. Let ME show YOU how to determine and clarify your goals, align your priorities with your values and create your own personal toolkit to achieve more.”


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