Caroline established Mind Elements to…

           people in identifying, developing and valuing themselves.

With 29 years of experience with significant forward movement through the ranks of a large corporate, Caroline uses her experiences coupled with studies in psychology, business management, technology and leadership to create tools and techniques that almost everyone can use to support their personal growth and career journey.

Strongly focused on the opportunities of the future, Caroline will show you how to understand your purpose, identify your outcomes and develop an action plan for success.  Her unique Gap Analysis process, engages both your mind and spirit to work for the outcomes that matter to you.

About Caroline

“I started as a Filing Clerk at the age of 17 for an organisation that endured multiple mergers and continual restructures. I worked my way up to become a General Manager leading three major portfolios, obtaining tertiary qualifications along the way.

My personal journey was non-conventional and largely unplanned, however my 17 year old self knew that I was determined to do more. I had a big, hairy, audacious goal of one day running the company and making a difference not only to the employees that worked there, but for the monopolistic customer base that we served. 25 years later on, I achieved my goal – being appointed as a General Manager in that same company and that was when I could really start to make a difference.

Now, it would be misleading if I said that my career journey was all plain-sailing and that I succeeded in everything I started out to achieve. However, it is in the failures and disappointments that personal development and the real learnings occur. There were many obstacles for the once young, female, non-engineer in a technically-oriented, male-dominated industry, so having a career vision, achievable goals and the support of my own career-cheer squad all contributed to my ultimate success.

I use both my successes and disappointments to motivate, inspire and support others on their life journeys. Let ME show YOU how to determine and clarify your goals, align your priorities with your values and create your own personal toolkit to achieve more.”


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Programs & Services

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Finding Your Purpose

This set of five sessions focuses on working with you to identify what your vision  and goals are in life.

We firstly explore whats important to you, identify your core values and then translate into a Life Vision and achievable 12 month goal.

Then, using my unique techniques and tools we will identify the gap between your goals and your current situation before establishing a workable action plan to guide you towards achieving everything you strive for.

Career Transition

Working is important…

You want to make a difference, achieve job satisfaction, work hard, develop your skills and focus your energy on a role that motivates the best in you.

Five, tailored, 60 minute sessions focused on exploring what you want to do next and putting the plan together on how to get there, as well as help with the practical things like resume preparation and interview coaching.   This clever program helps you make rational decisions about your future.


Sessions to help you work through those tricky issues in your career.  Caroline can help with:

  • assertiveness,
  • confidence,
  • courage,
  • negotiation,
  • conflict management,
  • leadership,
  • decision making,
  • change management,

as well as many other areas.  Contact Caroline today to work through a customised program designed especially for you.


Refresh Retreat

Reflect, Refocus, Reinvigorate

An intimate, small group, retreat weekend focused on you and your life goals, working with you on a plan to achieve them.

Set in a luxury home environment secluded on an Arabian Horse stud, nourished by healthy and sumptuous food, surrounded by nature and stunning mountainous views.

Limited numbers.

Next Refresh Retreat Dates:

11th & 12th March 2017

3rd & 4th June 2017

Contact Caroline for more dates, agendas  and pricing.

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Leading Women

Let’s face it, Women are different to Men and their contribution and value are often underutilised and unrecognised in an organisation.  Women are naturally strong collaborators, sensitive communicators and are often the transformational leaders needed in this period of high disruption.

This 1-day program helps you unlock your female employees’ unique talents both for their own success and that of your organisation.

Designed for men leading women and all women.

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If you are interested in how Mind Elements can support you in achieving your goals:

Contact Caroline on 0418460584 or by email below:

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Read about Caroline’s thoughts on all things leadership and personal development from experience and theory

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What others say about Mind Elements

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I’ve had an amazing time with amazing people who are all on journeys of self-discovery and personal development. Caroline took the time to focus with me on areas of myself, values and purpose I found difficult and I’ve come away with clarity and an action plan and positive about my next steps. Accommodation, catering and activities were all amazing. Thanks!

Cassie, March 2017

Hosts Caroline and Roger provide an idyllic setting for a weekend of fun and learning. The views around the property are a source of inspiration. Caroline is very down to earth and open and brings a wealth of experiences that are relevant to anyone who is interested in connecting with their core values.

Theresa, March 2017